Friday, 14 June 2013

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon And Healthy Cinnamon Snack!

Hey everyone!
I am back and blogging and youtubing and summering and ah! so much! everything is going great!!

First, here are some cool benefits of cinnamon that i deffinitely did not know about!

1. lowers cholesterol.
2. reduces blood sugar levels.
3. fights cancer.
4. treats bad breath.
5. helps cure chronic cough, colds and clears sinuses.
6. protects against heart disease.
7. boots brain activity and helps with memory loss.
8. fights yeast infections.
9. helps with stomach ulcers.
10. helps heal arthritis // anti-inflamotry.
11.increases blood circulation.

I find that so cool!

But sometimes cinnamon can be hard to add to our diet so here is  lovely light, healthy, fast and incredibly easy snack!

All you need is cinnamon, a plate, an apple and a microwave.

Just chop up your apple ( preferably red! ) and sprinkle some cinnamon on top! Pop that in the microwave until its warm and there you go!

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